LET'S RIDE! Motorcycle Training

Compulsory Basic Training terms & conditions


Cancelling / postponing your course

If you wish to cancel / postpone your course for any reason, you MUST provide a minimum of 3 (three) full working days notice before the start of your course. Cancellations / postponements made within 3 (three) full working days will result in the loss of your entire paid fees.

In the event of a postponement you will have 6 months from the original start date to complete the course or the fee will be forfeit.

If you decide to cancel after the course has started no refund will be given. If you wish to postpone after the course has started you may need to pay again depending on the circumstances of the postponement and at the Chief Instructor's discretion.

Outstanding debts, including repair costs to damaged motorcycles, will be pursued via the County Court small claims facility with any and all attributing fees added to the debt.

Beginning your course

Please arrive on time so that your course can start promptly. It is important that you bring your current UK driving licence. The photo ID on your driving licence must be in date - please check this immediately. You must also be able to read a standard car number plate at 20.5 metres (67 feet).

Please discuss with us any special needs you may have prior to starting your course. We can then ensure that whatever arrangements are necessary to meet these needs can be accomplished without inconvenience or embarrassment. These needs may be medical, physical or learning.

You should allow a full day for training, and we suggest you bring both food and drink, or money to buy it.

Clothing & inclement weather

Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Wear warm, comfortable clothing. We can provide jacket & gloves although we recommend providing your own safety helmets as correct fitting is vital. Loan helmets are available but we can accept no liability for any injury that could occur in an accident. We cannot stock sufficient helmets to guarantee a perfect fit.

Bad weather such as heavy rain / wind rarely stops training. Snow & ice will. If your course has to be postponed due to snow / ice we will call you as soon as we can before the course start time. You will be moved to the next available date at no extra charge.

Damage to motorcycle

Where we have agreed to provide a motorcycle, comprehensive insurance is provided. You, or your parent or guardian if you are under 18 accept responsibility for the insurance excess. This excess is limited to £500 for any damage caused to the vehicle whilst in your care, or to any third party as a result of an accident.

If a motorcycle is damaged whilst in your care we will be do whatever we can to minimise the cost to you. Dropping motorcycles is expected during the learning process and minor cosmetic damage is usually ignored at the Chief Instructor's discretion. If an item on the bike cannot be fixed by us then the repairs will be undertaken by our trusted repairers Minster Mechanics and you will be charged the part cost and labour to fit it. Repair invoices must be paid within 14 days of being issued. If you fail to pay we will pursue the amount via the County Court small claims facility with any and all attributing fees added to the debt.

Alternatively a damage waiver is available for the sum of £25 - please speak to your instructor on the day to take advantage of this.

Completing your course

Compulsory Basic Training will generally be completed in one day. This cannot be guaranteed. We will never - under any circumstances - compromise safety. If your instructor feels you need more on-site training before being taken on the road we will arrange for this as soon as possible. Similarly, if your instructor does not feel you have completed the road ride satisfactorily, arrangements will be made to complete this another day. Further training is charged at the current rate, which your instructor will discuss with you.

The Highway Code

Knowing the Highway Code is an essential part of riding safely. Please take time to study this prior to your training. It is not our responsibility to teach this to you but you will be tested on your basic understanding before being allowed out on to the road. Showing inadequate knowledge may result in your course being cancelled without refund.

Dangerous riding

Dangerous riding resulting in an accident and significant damage to the motorcycle will result in the termination of the course. No refund will be given and the pupil will not be allowed to train with us in the future.

General Aptitude

The vast majority of people we see successfully complete their training. However, motorcycling isn't for everyone. We can usually identify people who aren't suited to riding very quickly. In this instance we terminate the training after a detailed explanation on our reasons why. We will offer a part-refund of the course fee which will based on training already taken and will be no more than 50% of the total price paid. This decision is not taken lightly and is made solely for the safety and well-being of the pupil.

And finally...

We cannot accept responsibility for any personal accident, injury, damage or loss of property whilst you are on your training course.