Your Homework!

Hi - Richard here!  😊Thanks a million for taking your CBT with us. We’re having to introduce some additional measures in the combat with COVID-19. Some face-to-face lessons we’d normally do on-site are proving difficult to achieve safely, maintaining the 2-metre rule. So we’d thought we’d do the next best thing - force my ugly mug on you in a series of instructional videos! Yes, I know you’re super-excited about this prospect… 🙄😄

Anyway, here’s how it works. Below is a list of links to YouTube videos we’ve produced. We won’t be covering the explanations for each exercise in the on-site training now - so it’s up to you to watch and learn. The exercises themselves will still be carried out of course, and you’ll be in radio contact with your instructor - but your instructor is expecting you to know the theory behind it all beforehand.

If this is a CBT renewal for you then it’s not necessary to watch them. 

If you know how to ride already - but this is your first CBT - you can skip the videos on the controls of the bike and how to pull away and change gear but please watch the rest.

If you’re a brand new rider then please watch all of the videos. The absolutely critical ones are highlighted in bold red (this is most of them by the way!). And when I say critical I mean critical. Watch and rewatch. If you show no understanding on the day then you might have to go home 😭, and we don’t want that. It’s for yours and our safety. My top tip here; when you’re watching how to pull away and stop and change gear (if applicable), sit on the edge of your sofa as if you’re sat on a motorcycle / moped - so arms are up in position. Mimic what’s happening in the video with your feet and hands. Practice over and over so when you sit on the real motorcycle / moped everything will be super-familar and you’ll be ready to go. If you’re on an automatic moped you can skip any of the videos which mention manual transmission. 

Feel free to email or call if you have any questions on anything.

Ok, to the videos…

ELEMENT A - Introduction

ELEMENT B - practical on-site training

ELEMENT C - practical on-site riding

ELEMENT D - pre-road-ride safety talk

Ok, so that should keep you busy for a few hours! Any questions please call or email.

Our phone number is 01202 922041 and our special email address for questions on these videos is

See you soon!

Best wishes,

Richard McPherson
Chief Instructor

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