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The Hamworthy Club
Magna Road
Dorset BH21 3AP

Customer Feedback

What our customers have to say about us! We can tell you all about us but we think you'd rather hear it from our students... If you have undertaken a course with us we value your feedback!

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"... Thanks for the great lessons, constant calm instruction and getting me through the test first time. Just picked up my first bike last weekend and enjoying it immensely. ..."
"... Thanks for the quality trainingA real pleasure to train for the DAS with Rich and then pass. He has a fantasic approach that puts you at ease immediately - it allows you to get on with the main task of learning how to ride the bike safely. The training was thorough and comprehensive whilst at the same time great fun! I would not hesitate in recommending him for any bike based training.Thanks Rich for a job well done. ..."
"... well done to richard!
If you're wondering who to choose to help you through your cbt then this is the place! The pre cbt really made me feel more confident and richards calm talking in my ear through the microphone helped me get over my fear of roundabouts! Very patient and all very enjoyable :) good luck!! ..."
"... I should have posted this ages ago ...
Richard is awesome. There, I said it. Thanks to him it only took me 2 days to go from a shakey CBT holder to a confident Fully Licenced rider. If only it was as quick as that for me to save up the hard cash for a bigger bike!!! Nothing worse than being legal and still having to ride a 125 due to cashflow lol. Roll on that 1986 Honda VT500 Shadow I've got my eye on...Seriously though. Very patient and very understanding teacher, highly recommended. m/ ..."
"... Excellent Service from Richard, did a pre-cbt as I could not grasp the concept of changing gear! Got me changing quickly, then some 1 to 1 and a CBT and passed, much better service than the local companies in gosport.Would deffinately recomend to anyone who wants to take the leap to Bikes :) ..."
"... Hi Richard and Ed,
I took my CBT and DSA almost exactly 1 year ago. Since then I have covered over 18,000 miles on my Triumph Sprint ST 955i. The lessons Ed gave me in safe riding have kept me well over a heck of a lot of virgin year miles. Top notch guys. I think I might do my advanced test soon. Thanks for making riding fun. ..."
"... A big thank you
Hi Richard just to say a big thank you for a fantastic three days training and test. Still looking for a bike, enjoy your bike tour of Europe.Best wishes ..."
"... Thanks
Just passed my test with ed today at Poole test center. Would like to let you know that the training he gave was exceptional and he really put me at ease on the 500cc bike. He never made me feel stupid when I made (numerous) errors and I couldn't have done it without him. All the best. ..."
"... I have had more fun in the past 12mnts on a 125 with those darn "L" plates than i thought possible... and this is due to the instruction recieved from Richard and Co.(Paul i think.. the scottish preacher) who helped me pass my CBT in tropical downpour conditions APril 06... still can't ride in the dry... not used to it!!
having moved away from the southcoast i haven't been able to add myself to the list of riders who have passed under Richards guidance but i haven't ruled out coming back... Even changing offices every 6 months can't throw me of the scent.....
Have absolutely no problem in recommending Richard to anyone who wants to learn how to ride. ..."
"... indicators!!! Just wanted to thankyou Richard for your patience and great tuition when doing my standard bike training last month, still cant belive i passed first time, it was the scariest day of my life!!! i would recomend 'lets ride' to anyone wanting to learn, you have so much patience its not true and i learnt some invaluble lessons. cheers. ..."
"... Great CBT Hi Richard,Thank you for instructing me on my recent CBT, i just wanted to say thanks for being so patient with all those problems with that useless habana (currently being fixed, AGAIN) and if i need any other motorbike tests i will be sure to use lets ride again, with a better bike :)Thanks Again ..."
"... Can't believe I finally made it! Im officially a rufty tufty biker! Training was fantastic, although Im sure Rich was silently screaming to himself at times. Just the right combination of encouragement when you get it right, and head shaking when you dont... Im now using my "trophy" cracked indicator as a paperslip holder at work! Cant recommend this guy enough! Cheers mate x ..."
"... Just passed with Rich and his team. Cant express enough how chuffed I am. The whole experience was great with Rich having patients of a saint. Thanks again guy's. ..."
"... Hi richard sorry its taken so long to leave you your perfect 10 out of 10 score for your instruction. Never ridden before. Took my CBT with Richard and then went on to take my test, passed first time with no faults pretty good hey!! Thanks Richard your a great Instructor. ..."
"... If you can teach me well enough to pass ... even though I've never even ridden a push-bike before ... you can teach anyone!! :-) Really enjoyed myself, even with the bruise! ... Thanks! See you around!! ..."
"... I took my CBT with another (local) company, and was really not impressed. I found them unnecessarily "macho", impatient and unhelpfull. Richard, on the other hand, was the mirror opposite. Amazing patience, very generous with his time and a pretty chilled spirit, so I never kinda felt pressured if I wasn't getting things (THE BLOODY U-TURN!!!) straight away. Needless to say, I passed, but what I think IS important to say, is that I would not have had the confidence and been relaxed enough to have passed if it hadn't be for his style of teaching. Basically, if you can't pass with Richard and Let's Ride, you might as well buy a push bike. And it just so happens, I have one for sale.... ..."
"... Atended a 3 day standard test. Excelent Training to a very high standard, turned me from being useless at u turns and emergency stops to a test standard level. would reccomend to everyone in the whole world, i just reccomended you to my mate so watch out! ..."
"... Attended a 1 day CBT course recently and found both the service and instruction from the Lets-Ride staff immaculate. All in all the day itself was great fun and very pleasant and I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Lets-Ride, I WILL be back for more ..."
"... Rich - what can I say, agree with all the other comments, and yes you do make good tea. Thanks for your support, U-turns are easy! ..."
"... Richard, many thanks again, great instruction, patience and funny with it! Made my training really enjoyable. Would recommend you to anyone and of course passed 1st time, still can't believe it!!! ..."