The Hamworthy Club
Magna Road
Dorset BH21 3AP
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Full licence courses currently have a 2 month lead time.

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01202 922041
The Hamworthy Club
Magna Road
Dorset BH21 3AP

Customer Feedback

What our customers have to say about us! We can tell you all about us but we think you'd rather hear it from our students... If you have undertaken a course with us we value your feedback!

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"... Echo all of the below ... from never having riden a bike to passing my direct access with 2 minors in only 5 days ... and had a great time along the way!! Will definitely be recommending. Cheers! ..."
"... I have come back to biking after 10 years and felt a little unconfident out on the road. A day with Richard on the 'back to biking' regained my confidence, and I learnt a great deal as well..Looking forwards to trying the advanced test next year.. Highly recommend Lets Ride.. ..."
"... Passed the Direct Access with two minors thanks to Rich who's a top instructor! Nice guy and good teacher, thanks again. ..."
"... just passed this morning top instructor would highly recommend one day cbt and two on DA and now i can go bike shopping ! if the Mrs lets me, thank you grat fun ..."
"... Many thanks Richard Passed thanks to you and your excellent manner. I already have & will continue to reccomend you and LetsRide Thanks again :) ..."
"... What else can I say? Passed 1st time, solely down to the expert tuition of Rich. The best advice for your test and beyond. This man will get you through. Cheers Dicky! ..."
"... Although it is all a bit cheesy I would have to concur with everything on here, great instruction and endless patience. Got me through DAS first time in just 4 days! If you want to learn this is the man to talk to, legend. Cheers Richard! ..."
"... Thanks Richard for getting me through the DAS 1st time. Excellent tuition, excellent advice on riding 'post test' and not bad tea on tap at all times! This man will get you your licence! ..."
"... day 1, could'nt u- turn on a 125. day 2, u-turning like a pro on a er500. say's it all realy. learnt so much in 3 days, richard is a top instructor recommend him to anyone. hope u didnt eat to much thai;)........PIGEON!!!! ..."
"... As everyone has already made very clear on here; Excellent Instruction! very professional always with a friendly atmosphere. I arrived on Sat for CBT and passed my DAS Test on the following Thu! Prior to this week I had never ridden a bike!....Enough said. Thanks again Rich. ..."
"... I had 4 days of fun learning and a pass first time, would recomend Richard everytime. Cant wait to pick up my ZX6R. Thanks for getting me through it ..."
"... Excellent instruction and great fun. Richard was brilliant. Constant support and encouragement got me through a week of the worst possible weather (apart from snow). Passed DAS on day 4. Thanks a million. Would recommend "Lets Ride" everytime. ..."
"... Very professional with an easygoing manner, just what’s required. I highly recommend Lets-Ride if you are looking for a training school. Thanks Rich for helping me obtain my pass first time. ..."
"... excellent teacher, rich makes it so easy to learn did my cbt on the saturady and passed my das a week later. rich is an absolute joy to ride with. can't wait to get my bike now. A BIG thanks to you richard ..."
"... Passed my CBT with lets ride a little while back. Excellent training and guidance. Rich, I'm even remembering to cancel my indicators....! (Yellow MZ that you liked so much!) ..."
"... cheers guys !!! well good tranning from total begginer to a perfect pass recomend to any one who wants a good day with a pass !!! ..."
"... Passed first time due to excellent training at the highest standard with a personal and friendly attitude. Every single error was spotted and put right without any stress + I enjoyed every minute of it from total beginner up to the test date. Many Thanks. ..."
"... Many thanks for getting me through the A2 test on my 2nd attempt. The instruction & perceverence was excellent - thanks again ..."
"... I would like to thank you Richard for the training and the help you have shown. Would strongly recomend "Lets-Ride" to anyone who is interested in biking. ..."
"... have just taken my test today after cbt and two days direct access traing and passed with only 2 minor faults... I can strongly recomend lets ride as a very proffessional outfit. speaking of outfits, have you washed the cats wee out of your jacket yet dude?? ..."